Here’s the complete list of the 107 flagship beers sorted by their overall BA grades. The breweries all come from my earlier “Expanded GPA” post which ranked 107 of the best breweries in the US based on the overall averages of their brews (an earlier post explains in more detail):


Commercial brewing is, first and foremost, a business. It’s something that members of Alehead Nation (myself included) tend to forget. We bristle at the thought of another boring pale ale or one-note brown ale being released onto the shelves of our local package stores. Why can’t breweries just focus on aggressively hopped double IPAs or […]


As there is already plenty of information on this site about the Allagash Brewery in Portland, ME, I don’t think any further detail is necessary.  Just to refresh the memories of our devoted folower(s) though, this tasting is in response to the heated debate between myself and Brother Barley over the  merits of the Men from Maine. […]


When the Baron threw down the gauntlet to name some prestige beers, I added the name of a beer I knew very little about, the Schorschbraeu Schorschbock 40. This ridiculous brew was created by the tiny Schorschbraeu brewery in southern Germany and all I really knew about it was that it was an 80-proof beer. […]


In case you ever needed to whip out some quick Danish, Rugbrod means Rye Bread in the native tongue.  Is that useful knowledge?  Probably not.  Would it be better if you learned about a delicious offering from Orange County CA?  I would think so. I don’t generally go on and on about a particular brewery […]


A heated debate recently arose amongst the Aleheads. Insults were hurled. Bodily harm was threatened.  Gwen Ifill was called in to moderate… As usual, this debate revolved around that most highly controversial of beers…the Harpoon Winter Warmer. The Winter Warmer is NOT a good beer. I accept this. It is a poorly balanced, one-note offering, […]