Ripped is on his way over with lovely family in tow to commemorate a noble return to glory for the City of Nola.  Treasures await his arrival.  Among them:

– Old Viscosity Ale from Port Brewing

– Ten Fidy Imperial Stout from Oskar Blues

– Ginger Wheat from Harpoon’s 100 Barrel Series

– Gift of the Magi from The Lost Abbey (brewed with frankincense and myrrh, no less)

– Noble Pils from Sam Adams

– Hop Devil from Victory

– and, coup de gras, a 2004 Black Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewery.

Will these small tastes of paradise usher in a new era of prosperity for The Big Easy?  Probably not.  Nevertheless, Go Saints!

We’ll miss you, Barley!


2 thoughts on “SUPER BOWL BREWS

  1. Not to worry Barley, only half the list was consumed as the lil’ uns were well past their nightly slumber. I’ll leave it up to the Sudster to post some reviews.

    I wanted to break out an Abita Andygator to support the local NOLA crew, but I was too afraid to jinx them. In any case, congrats to The Saints!

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