A fellow attorney recently lamented: “I just want to know which is the most expensive and prestigious beer I can purchase so that I may imbibe it in the half hour between getting off work and collapsing in bed.”

Fun question.  What are the rarest, most coveted, and/or most outrageously priced beers available (or, as the case may be, unavailable) to the drinking public?

1: For the thrill of sticker shock, get thee to the Bierdrome in London for a bottle of Vielle Bon Secours.  At £500 it’s the most expensive brew in all the land.

2: While you’re across the pond, head up to Cambridge for a glass or two of Tutankhamen Brew prepared according to a recipe and brewing method discovered by Egyptologists in Queen Nefertiti’s Temple.

3: Then, head down to Ypres in Belgium and stand in line for a case of Westvleteren 12 (one case per person).  Don’t forget to reserve first on the monestary’s “beerphone” or you’ll be turned away by Friar Nofun.

4: If those options don’t suit you, come back stateside for a snifter or two of Sam Adams Utopias.  It comes in a miniature copper plated beer kettle and drinks like a whiskey.

5: Finally, drive on out to Hammond, Indiana on the last Saturday in April for the legendary Dark Lord Day.  Cash only, please, but you can always turn your trouble into an investment on eBay where Dark Lord often fetches a cool $100.  Or you can crack the wax and suck down a bottle of pure, prestigious goodness.

Because if you’re not working for something; you’re working for nothing.

Ripped and I tucked into a bottle of Westy 12 on New Year’s ’09.  Amazing depth of flavor covering carmel, fig, molasses, and freshly baked sourdough.  Truly a world class beer.

What gems are missing here?  Who’s quaffed ’em?  Is there truly a Holy Grail of Ale?


  1. I would add:

    Schorschbräu Schorschbock 40% – A beer as strong as whiskey? Really?
    Portsmouth’s Kate the Great – Supposedly a worthy adversary to the Dark Lord
    Pliny the Younger – Currently usurping Westy 12 as the top beer at BA
    Deschutes Abyss – Certainly the best Imperial Stout I’ve ever had
    Hair of the Dog Dave – Strongest American beer (at 29% it just edges out Utopia)
    And of course, Grand Lakes Holy Grail…it’s what you were asking for after all.

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