I’ll admit that determining a cumulative GPA for a brewery isn’t a particularly informative statistic. First, the overall number is based on the highly subjective beer ratings on BeerAdvocate. Second, different breweries tend to focus on different styles, so if you like the aggressive hop offerings of one brewery more than the sour, subtle Belgian-style […]


There’s snow on the ground down here…not too surprising for a February evening in New England or Colorado, or for folks in my former home of DC (which apparently has 72 feet of snow right now). But it’s fairly rare for my sleepy corner of the Deep South. People have forgotten how to drive, schools […]


I selected North Coast Brewing as my top brewery in the Southwest bracket (aka: The California Bracket), so it’s no surprise that I tend to enjoy all of their offerings. While the Brother Thelonius would be my hands-down favorite from the brewery, I also love their “Old” triumvirate (Old Rasputin, Old #38, and Old Stock […]


I’ve always been a fan of Long Trail, although I feel that they play second/third fiddle to Magic Hat and Otter Creek when it comes to Vermont’s best.  I was excited to finally find a bottle from their Brewmaster Series and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the results. Very dark pour from a 22, nice carbonation and […]