Doc Van Drinkale, Slouch Sixpack, Sir Magnus and Brother Barley talk about what makes an “extreme” beer. Plus, the good, the bad, and the ugly of pushing the envelope in the world of brewing.

Also, something about marmot poop.



  1. For the record, I like my intro better.

  2. But why did you take out all the awkward silences that followed every time you made a comment? I’m going to have to do the editing again.

  3. I liked yours too, but the sound levels were too high and some of the quotes were unintelligible (kind of like our Beercasts). If you clean it up and send it to me, I can swap it back in.

    Dead air is the hobgoblin of little podcasts. I left plenty of them, but the 30 seconds we were waiting for you to come back from your bathroom break was a bit much.

  4. However your outro is fantastic, a big step up.

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