1. Let me know if the Karnival Kolsch meets with your approval as a true “Spring” beer. If not, enjoy the coconut oatmeal stout. I know how much you like beer that tastes like “food”…

  2. I’m looking forward to a Thirsty Dog Old Leghumper. And some beer, too.

  3. Sweeney · · Reply

    Nice beer list…except what the fuck is going on with 12 oz. pours? A schooner of porter? really? I understnd really high alcohol belgians, but a 12 oz. porter? communists.

  4. I completely agree with you, Sween. My local place does this too and it’s infuriating. If the beer is higher than 7%, they’ll give me a 12-ounce pour and often if it’s higher then 9%, I’ll only get a 10-ounce pour.

    For this list, I have no problem with the Insanity (a barleywine) or Gemini (a Double IPA) getting 12 ounce pours. And the Golden Monkey is pushing 10% ABV, so I’m fine with that too.

    But the Rogue is 8.2% and the Gonzo is just 7.8%. Granted, those are still “high-gravity” beers, but dammit, I can handle a pint of porter! We’re Aleheads…not 15-year-olds!

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