‘Twas Friday night, an evening fine

That fateful query, “Where would you like to dine?”

I had no ready answer, for mine lovely Wife

Which sparked a note of flustered strife

So as to curtail any marital discord

We hastily jumped into my Accord

After a few minutes drive, with much talk of grub

We stumbled ‘pon a humble pub

We alit on the patio in the soft, Spring breeze

And nibbled on crackers and pimento cheese

Our serving-girl arrived, one filled with sass

And asked what we’d like to fill our glass

I pondered this dilemma, in fashion most nerdy

While Wifey ordered Ketel One, up and dirty

After some debate (which took awhile)

I finally decided upon my beer style

A hoppy beer, for this warm spring night

Something strong, with a touch of bite

The plan was clear, in a thirsty voice

I proclaimed that an American IPA would be my choice

The serving-girl, getting pissed

Brought me by the draught beer list

Only a handful of options! But it was just as well

I ordered up the Two-Hearted Ale from Bell’s

A top-notch brewery, and a solid beer

One to be ordered by Aleheads without a hint of fear

It was served in a shaker, clean and cold

With color of hazy peach, beflecked with gold

The head is white…full, but not amazing

It fades fairly quickly, as does the lacing

The nose is bright and sharp, it stings your snoot!

With aromas of pine resin, and strong grapefruit

It smells just right, I give it props

The perfect use of Centennial hops

And in the taste, that hop profile’s no quitter

From start to finish, this sucker’s bitter

But lest you think it’s a one-note brew

A sweet malt backbone, makes its way through

It tastes of subtle fruit, pleasant, not obscene

Of ripened apricots and tangerines

The carbonation is high, with bubbles small and tight

Which keeps the mouthfeel smooth and light

A classic IPA, one highly drinkable

A session of half a dozen is not unthinkable

I drank a pair, sad when they departed

And so I give 3.5 Hops to the Bell’s Two-Hearted

Almost all of Bell’s offerings are considered strong

The HopSlam, Best Brown, you can’t go wrong

So remember these words, ’bout this fine brew-er-y

“Ask not for whom the Bell’s tolls…it tolls for thee”



  1. Rather clever and fun poem…thanks for sharing it.

  2. Next time in the style of Hemingway!

    “We sat down at our table. The table was plain and round, and we were happy at the table. We drank our Bell’s Two Hearted, and it was good.”

  3. SLP…I appreciate the praise. Although, after checking out your excellent site, I think I’ll stick to my regular beer tasting notes and leave the poetry writing to the experts.

    Wank…I’m thinking my next one should be in the style of DFW. Just a single line about the beer followed by 57 footnotes.

  4. Outstanding prose about an outstanding brew, Barley!

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  6. […] Bell’s Two-Hearted – I gave it 3.5 Hops in my poetic ode to the brew so many months ago, so I’ll just stick with that. It’s an exceptional beer and the house brew of the Commander, so I’ll just stand by my initial judgment. […]

  7. […] and one of the best homebrewing sources in the country, sells a clone of Bell’s classic Two Hearted Ale called “Three Hearted Ale”. And Bell’s Brewery, in all their wisdom, has decided […]

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  9. […] was trying to see if anyone had taken an SG out on the interwebs and found this: Two Hearted Poertry – I also found out that Two Hearted apparently has some relation to Ernest […]

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