Slouch Sixpack and Magnus Skullsplitter wax ecstatic on the beers of New York City
  • Magnus performs his almost famous “name any street corner in New York and I will give you decent bar within walking distance” parlor trick
  • Slouch is grateful details from his bachelor party are lost forever
  • Magnus recounts his exploits at the Kentucky Derby and meeting the brewmaster from 3 Floyds Brewing (of Dark Lord fame)
  • Magnus espouses the virtues of The Pony Bar
  • We discuss two American heroes who quit their jobs in ’87 and opened Brooklyn Brewery in an old matzo ball factory
  • Magnus arrives in NYC as a wee lad to seek his fortune
  • Magnus is refused pizza for being a Mets’ fan; declares vendetta against all those who wear Yankee pinstripes
  • Slouch argues the half-life of an open growler is one night, and his far-reaching master plan to turn on the Alewife to well-hopped beer
  • Magnus introduces Aleheads to Heartland Brewery
  • Slouch is advised via SMS that the Alehounds have just lapped up a spilled pint of Brooklyn Pennant Ale downstairs
  • Magnus looks forward to NY Brewfest

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  1. […] Stout, Sorachi Ace (Saison), and Monster (Barleywine). We discussed Brooklyn at length during our Beers of New York podcast and Brother Barley returned to Tasting Notes after Magnus’ passing with a […]

  2. […] at ridiculous beer names and labels, researching esoteric styles, compiling top ten lists, recording raucous and profane podcasts, and sending emails. Tons and tons of emails. It was great fun, and nearly ten years out of college […]

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