In order to truly appreciate beer, you first have to learn how it’s made. And there’s no better way of getting to the heart of the malt-matter than by diving head-first into the addictive world of home-brewing. Doc and The Professor review the basics with Brother Barley in this two-part Maltercation (Part 2 will be up in a couple of days). The trio also simultaneously samples some suds as they crack into Sam Adams 2009 Longshot brews and offer up some tasting notes.*

*Longshot is Sam’s home-brewing competition where the winners get their submissions scaled up for commercial sale.



  1. […] now, the thrilling conclusion to our Homebrewin’ Maltercation cliff-hanger! Will Doc and the Professor agree on the proper fermentation temperature for ale yeast? Will Barley […]

  2. […] NORTHEAST TO DRINK UP DOWN EAST At some point during several ramblings on a recent Maltercation the subject of obscure New England breweries came up.  I mentioned that I’d be heading to […]

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