And now, the thrilling conclusion to our Homebrewin’ Maltercation cliff-hanger! Will Doc and the Professor agree on the proper fermentation temperature for ale yeast? Will Barley enjoy the Sam Adams Old Ben Ale? Will the Professor’s evil twin, Associate Professor U.R. Drunk, carry out his nefarious master plan to flood Gotham City with boiling wort?! Stay tuned!


  1. I went through the rest of that Sam Adams Longshot six pack last night with Mrs. Lager. Just reinforced everything we said — that old ale is dangerously drinkable. Enjoyed the barleywine even more the second time around!

    Mrs. Lager agrees with the poor naming of the Lemon Pepper Saison: “Lemon Pepper what? Is that a chicken flavored beer?”

  2. I finished off the last bottle of the Longshot sixer as well last night. Second time around on the Barleywine was much better than the first. I’m guessing that has a lot to do with the fact that my first tasting was after several other beers, including the other Longshot brews. This time it was just the Barleywine, warmed properly to about room temp.

    Still enjoyed the Old Ale the best though. Here’s to hoping that becomes a seasonal or at least something they’ll stick in a winter mix 12-pack every no and again.

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