This is a bit of a departure from my normal homebrew posts, but I thought this story deserved a mention for the Aleheads crowd.  In the game of life, sometimes we’re winners and sometimes we’re losers.  Sometimes, we feel like we could take over the world.  And sometimes, we do something so impressively stupid that the newspaper reports on it (alcohol may occasionally be a factor).  So begins the story of Jerry Whipple, of Belleair, Florida.  June 23 started out as a pretty normal Wednesday for Jerry. At some point, he thought he’d knock back a few and relax a bit on his pool float on the beach.  As with many of us, “a few” is often code for “a few too many,” and before anyone knew it, he had floated off.  This in itself is amusing, but what comes next is hilarious:  Jerry was spotted a few hours later, a mile into the Gulf of Mexico, still passed out on his pool float wearing a life jacket (thank god).  The Coast Guard spokesperson said that Jerry was “suspected of being extremely inebriated.”  A proud moment for the Whipple family, I’m sure.

I’m tempted to say “there but for the grace of God go I” but I’m pretty sure that if i was going to pass out on a raft, I’d tie myself up to the freaking dock.

Enjoy your summer, and try to drink more responsibly than Jerry.


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  1. Gramps · · Reply

    Hi Prof. And I thought 0 points was going to the old Gablingers, but I think all you Aleheads are to young, fortunatly for you, to never have had the pleasure !!!

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