The 3rd marked my 31st birthday, and with the Commander in town, we decided it was necessary to celebrate in style. Here’s what we had in the fridge:

Oskar Blues Gordon – 4 pack (x2)
Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale – 6 pack
Founder’s Rye P.A. – 6 pack
Ithaca Brewing Company Flower Power – 6 pack
Weyerbacher Heresy Imperial Stout – 4 pack
Sam Smith’s Imperial Stout – bottle
Clown Shoes Clementine – bottle
The Bruery Rugbrod – bottle
Southern Tier Unearthly Pale Ale Oak Aged – bottle
All the Pretty Things Jack D’Or – bottle
Chatoe Rogue Single Malt Ale – bottle
Rogue Shakespeare Stout – bottle

For now, the Commander shares his initial thoughts:
Rogue Single Malt Ale kind of sucks.
As has previously been suggested by a supreme Alehead in these pages, OB Gordon is one of the best beers ever.
Founder’s RPA is awesome.
Ditto for Ithaca Flower Power–a truly outstanding IPA.
The Rugbrod is a super dark rye ale and is amazing.  It is somewhat stout-like but if you look closely you’ll see it’s not.
The Heresy stout is one of the five best stouts I’ve ever drank (the others including at least two from Bell’s Brewery and one or two from Terrapin).
The Southern Tier Unearthly Oak Aged Pale Ale is very good but has a little bit of a boozy aftertaste.  “Lord” (douchebag) Copperpot thinks we might want to get the non-Oak Aged next time.  If only “next time” were “in 30 minutes.”
The Clown Shoes Clementine is a very good white ale.  I don’t really like white ales or other quasi-Belgian things, but this was very good.
Ditto for the Jack D’or–a good rule of thumb is, if the name includes a D followed by an apostrophe, I should take a pass.

I’m sure those of you who write about beer more often will find this analysis lacking, but you know what… go fuck yourselves. – Commander


One comment

  1. Your snap judgments mesh well with my experiences. I haven’t sampled the Flower Power, but I concur with the rest of your opinions. I assume the two Bell’s stouts you’re referring to are the Expedition and the Kalamazoo (and the Terps must be the Coffee Oatmeal and Depth Charge).

    I’ve got some Clown Shoes on deck thanks to Doc. My first time dancing with the Clown.

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