NOTES: Draft @ J. Clyde in Birmingham

STYLE: Schwarzbier

ABV: 7.69%

APPEARANCE: Black…but a thin black. Does that make sense? No? Shut up.

HEAD: Very thin tan head that disappears immediately

LACING: Just a little oily residue

NOSE: Some dark malt and chocolate. A lot of lageresque grass clippings and a touch of leather. And a fairly pronounced, pine resin hops aroma. Certainly an interesting and provocative nose.

TASTE: Big unsweetened chocolate and burnt coffee flavors in the beginning and bitter hops in the finish. They play off each other well and are punctuated with the flavor of dark, pumpernickel bread and just a wisp of sulfur.

MOUTHFEEL: Looks like a stout, but drinks like a schwarzbier meaning somewhat thin-bodied and light.

DRINKABILITY: Quite drinkable and refreshing. Wifey McHops really enjoyed it and would have gotten another had we stayed longer. She commented that the term “Dry-Hopped” concerned her but that it was not overly bitter at all.

RATING: 3 Hops



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  2. […] Avery 17 – the darkest, tastiest lager I’ve ever had in my life. Brother Barley gave it 3 hops. He’s the teacher who was always a “tough grader,” because this thing is brilliant. Perfect for any occasion on a fall day. Old Granddad Copperpot declared that it may have been the best beer he’s ever tasted. Poor man’s been drinking too much Spaten and other imports of similar ilk. I must give him props, though, for bringing my college beer fridge up to Copperpot Hollow. I can just see the proud smile on Dr. Drinkale’s glowing visage. […]

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