Fine...this is a bottle of champagne. But this was all CNN had!

Taking the concept of “cellaring” beer to a whole new level, divers have discovered perfectly preserved bottles of brew in a shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Estimated to be about 200 years old, the beer was kept at a constant, near-freezing temperature in pitch black conditions which prevented it from spoiling. And the best part? The yeast cultures used in the fermentation process appear to still be alive! A brewer could easily cultivate the strain to allow others brewers to have access to this early 19th-century yeast. Very cool.

Also, they found some champagne. But who gives a shit about that?


9 thoughts on “WORLD’S OLDEST BEER?

  1. The article says it was probably being shipped from Denmark to Russia. But that doesn’t mean the beer was produced in Denmark. The author hypothesizes that it could have been a gift from King Louis XVI of France to the Russian Imperial Court. That would be extremely impressive considering that Louis was beheaded decades before this beer was supposedly shipped.

    As for the style, I’m guessing it’s an “Old Ale”. And if it wasn’t before, it certainly is now.

  2. This whole artical is a sham the bottle is no older than the 1890’s if you look at the machine made lip. Sorry to rain on your guys parade but this bottle of brew is no older than 120 years making it not the oldest bottle of brew 😦

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