Trying something new here at Aleheads…our first video Tasting Note! If the link doesn’t work, try cutting and pasting into your browser:

And if you want to skip the video and go straight to the rating, I’m awarding an easy 4 Hops to one of the best Dubbel-style ales made in America. Nice work as always, Ommegang!



  1. Wow- an instant classic.

  2. Just remember, AA is for quitters. Keep on boozin’ on Brother Barley.

  3. Nurse Van Drinkale · · Reply

    WOW – how did you get Wifey McHops to help you with this? She nailed it…my thoughts exactly 🙂

  4. This is spectacular.

    And for the record, I was convinced that mouthfeel was not real word for a long time. Now I guess I’m just indoctrinated… or maybe just drunk.

  5. I knew you’d take that little movie maker and run with it. Well done.

  6. Smiley Brown · · Reply

    Outstanding! Also, I would totally hate bang that translater.

  7. No surprise there.

    Who wouldn’t you hate-bang, Smiley?

  8. […] Editor’s Note: This is actually our second video tasting note, but the first was a “solo” effort as opposed to this joint venture. For the earlier video tasting note on the classic Ommegang Dubbel, click here. […]

  9. […] nailing. The Brother Joseph was a decent attempt. Not as complex or rewarding as something like Ommegang’s Abbey Ale, but it had some nice fruit undertones and a pleasant, sweet malt backbone. A little thin for a […]

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