We have been Maltercation-less for many, many weeks now at Aleheads. That’s partly because of some technical issues that left our last two podcasts unlistenable. It’s also partly because trying to schedule more than two of us to be available at the same time (with the pressure of  jobs, wives, kids, and our incessant drinking) has proven to be remarkably challenging. Nevertheless, we have doggedly attempted to cast some pod every few weeks and after the first week of the NFL season, we were finally able to get enough Aleheads together to record one of our patently stupid conversations. Our ridiculous topic? Equating each NFL team with a beer and then predicting the standings based on the teams’ beer analogs.

Unfortunately, we neglected to actually edit and post the Maltercation which meant that our beer-related NFL predictions have now all been blown out of the water by, you know, the ACTUAL teams playing games against each other. Why the NFL would want to interfere with our uneducated, absurd predictions is beyond me, but I guess they had advertisers to placate or something.

Anyways, hop in a time machine and travel all the way back to the halcyon days of mid-September when only one week of games had passed and every NFL fan (except for Bills fans) still had hope for this year. If you listen to this Maltercation in the mind-set of those simpler, happier times, perhaps it will make a bit more sense.



  1. I’m standing behind my picks.

  2. Dallas last in the NFC East is looking very prescient. Some of our other picks were a bit less defensible. Didn’t we have SF winning the West? That’s not looking so good…

  3. Sad to say that the #9 for the Phins is a perfect fit.

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