‘Tis the season to puzzle over what to purchase for the Alehead on your list.  Beer of the Month Club?  Nah.  A sixer of Miller Vortex?  Nope.  A nice Bud Lime?  Not unless you’re in real trouble.  A good bet, Santa, is “The Case of the IPA” from Buzzards Bay Brewing in Westport, Massachusetts – a serialized hard-boiled, detective mystery penned across the labels in a case of IPA bombers.

The story unfolds like a boozy half-advent calendar and stars a wealthy brewer dubbed Cornelius Fuggles.  It’s noir pulp washed down with a hoppy finish.  And the suds?  Citrusy, toasty goodness.  Will Corny Fugs solve the mystery?  Find true love?  Remember where he put his keys after a very fuzzy “Chapter 8?”

True Christmas fun for the whole family.  Available wherever find brews and literature are sold.

Beery Christmas & Hoppy New Year!



  1. The next person to join Aleheads gets named Cornelius Fuggles.

  2. From now on, I’m only reading literature printed on beer bottles. But I’m not reading the bottles in any particular order. It will be like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure only I’ll be hammered.

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