Though friends since childhood, Doc and Barley rarely get an opportunity to sample beers together anymore. Between wives, kids, pets, home maintenance, full-time jobs and that pesky 1,200 miles of geographic distance, they’re lucky if they can get together one or two times a year to crack into some suds. But thanks to the limitless powers of the intertubes, our intrepid heroes can digitize themselves a la Tron and enter a Virtual Tasting Room together. While their avatars may not necessarily mimic their actual physical appearances (Doc is MUCH bluer in person), at least it gives them an opportunity to crack open a bomber of beer together and describe the results for Alehead Nation.


For our first Virtual Tasting Note, Doc and Barley are sharing a bottle of Ballast Point’s Sculpin IPA. Does it live up to its billing as the “best IPA in America”? Our two digital drinkers will be the judge of that.

If the above link doesn’t work for you, copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Editor’s Note: This is actually our second video tasting note, but the first was a “solo” effort as opposed to this joint venture. For the earlier video tasting note on the classic Ommegang Dubbel, click here.



  1. Brother Barley looks like Walter White! Doc looks like someone but I just can’t place it.

  2. I kind of thought that I looked like Hunter S. Thompson as a club kid.

    As for Doc, you suck at pop culture references, Slouch. CLEARLY he’s supposed to be Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character from Happiness. Could it BE any more obvious?

  3. Just like Papa Smurf, I suffer from Methemoglobinemia. While I’m blue on the outside, I’m happy as a clam on the inside (Except for the fits of anger of course).

    And Barley, clearly you’re a skinny James Lipton.

  4. Ahh… I was leaning toward PSH’s turn as Brandt in the 1998 comedy “The Big Lebowski”. But I see the original intent now.

    That’s marvelous.

  5. You’re a strange, strange man, Barley.

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