Still can’t get enough self-righteous rambling about the Goose Island/Anheuser-Busch brewhaha? Then crack open a bottle, hit the play button and listen to a slightly tipsy Brother Barley, flat-out drunk Slouch Sixpack, and utterly meth-addled Herr Hordeum continue to beat this dead horse a week or two after its demise. We also touch on the wholly unsurprising cancellation of Brew Masters, Michigan’s latest PR disaster, and speaking of dead horses…an Australian man brings a horse back from the dead with beer! Good on ya, mate!

A couple days late on getting this one up, but ol’ Slouchie was in Tampa and I was in NYC which meant no one was back at the ranch to edit and post this steaming pile of Podshit.




  1. What will Greg Hall do after his payday? Pee on some Chicago bars. This is a real thing that really happened.,0,7513800.story

  2. […] a few hours after Brother Barley, Slouch Sixpack and Herr Hordeum posted an All Beers Considered finally putting to bed the Goose Island buyout by Anheuser Busch, the Goose explodes into the news […]

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