This, my friends, is how you celebrate a victory!  The Bruins go out in style with an epic night at Foxwoods, photo courtesy of Barstool Sports.  I’m sure we can forgive them for skimping on the craft beer – They must have been pretty bloated after that 30 liter bottle of Champagne.  Amazing what $100k will buy you in the wine world.



  1. 136 Bud Lights? Judas Priest! But I suppose with all the other booze, it really was just about getting your drunk on.

    Egads what a bill!

  2. Who ordered the Blue Moon? Did they ask for fruit in it? Did a fight break out? We need answers.

  3. Heard on the radio that a couple of hot girls from a bachelorette party talked their way in. I’m hoping we can peg the Blue Moons and the single bottles of Corona and Amstel on them. Or Tomas Kaberle.

  4. czar vladibeer bootin' · · Reply

    for this money each could have young girl to take home in my establishment. Is much cheaper than party crasher with paternity suit.

  5. The Wookie · · Reply

    $150K in booze and only one comp bottle of champagne … WTF?

  6. beer-miester · · Reply

    I think we could rack up a whooping double digit party tab with an Aleheads party… not sure we can win something first but the craft party could be epic!

  7. Amstel is offering free beer for the player who ordered the Amstel Light…


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