Slouch Sixpack recently sent the Aleheads a link to his new favorite toy, Labeley. This free, on-line, beer label-maker is a great time-waster. But it got Slouch and I thinking…what are some fictional beer labels that we’d like to see? Here’s a six-pack of fake labels the two of us came up with. Enjoy!









  1. All I can say is… BRILLIANT! Well done Lads.


  2. HA!!!!
    Hilarious indeed!

  3. Kid Carboy Jr. · · Reply

    This is hilarious. I am mad that I didn’t think of this.

  4. I LOVE the Dogfish Head label! Hilarious! Now the MBS woulda been better brewed with huevos rancheros…just sayin’!

  5. DFH was, without a doubt, the best!!!!

  6. Ha, good ones! I think DFH is my favorite.

  7. BeerBanker · · Reply

    Love ’em…Best post yet…Like the DFH label, Terrapin label is too damn painful….

  8. I love these! PLEASE MAKE MORE!

  9. My vote goes to the 3 Floyds label. It would be incredibly fun to see how much hype you could generate around a non-existent beer. I bet we would get people posting tasting notes on it on BA or RB, claiming to have found that rare bottle through their connections with their local bottle shop.

  10. Why would you even give Sam Calagione an idea like that! He’s digging through sofa cushions as we speak!

  11. And I’m going to save the ABInBev legal department some time and ask you to cease and desist using any label that may or may not resemble know graphics, words, phrases, syllables, letters, colors, punctuation, styles, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, bikini girls, et al that may infringe on ABInBev brands or may have been used in any known or unknown ABInBev marketing in the past 3 millennium.

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