We welcome Edinburgh-based blogger and podcaster Beercast Rich to the show and talk about the latest craft beer news on the other side of the pond, including: CAMRA, the cask vs. keg debate, Brewdog’s role in UK beer culture, some exciting Scottish brewers you’ve never heard of, and more.

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  1. the stout you were thinking of is Courage Russian Imperial stout, now brewed by Wells and Youngs. Its still going to be released in the UK, just not the first batch. A pile of beer writers got bottles for review though.

  2. Yep that’s it, thanks Steve. Cheers!

  3. Heh, that pile didn’t extend to us, hence me scrabbling to remember the name!

    Enjoyed chatting with you Slouch, hope I managed to emphasise the positives of the UK beer scene at the moment. Open invite to any Alehead – if you’re heading over to Edinburgh, drop me an email and we’ll head out for a beer or three…

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