Acclaimed beer writer Jay Brooks is on the line to breakdown another epic SF Beer Week. Featuring 300-some events and 67 breweries in attendance, this celebration of beer will make your Alehead spin…


Jay takes us through some of the highlights of the week, from haute dogs at the circus with the Homebrew Chef Sean Paxton to the Double (and Triple!) IPA Festival. He also dispenses some advice for other cities across the country planning their own beer weeks.

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One comment

  1. Another great podcast!
    I’ve got to extend thanks to Jay and the rest of the organizers, I happened to be passing through SF on business last week and was lucky enough to be able to stop by a few of the events, terrific all around. Great beers, great venues, and the folks I met were all gracious and informative.
    And I can definitely echo the Moonlight Brewing recommendation, got to try a few of their offerings and they were excellent, particularly enjoyed the Twist of Fate.

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