Brother Barley and Slouch Sixpack are back taking on the week’s top beer news stories*. Topics include:

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*For our tens of fans that find it entertaining to hear Slouch drunk on the podcast, this episode is basically your “Sergeant Pepper’s”. He starts out half in the bag and it doesn’t get better as he consumes a growler of Founder’s Double Trouble. For those that don’t find it entertaining… well… sorry. I’d just go ahead and skip this one.
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  1. I found the piece on Roanoke to be quite interesting. It sounds like they had a hell of a proposal in mind for Sierra. It also sounds as if it would be surprising if some other brewery doesn’t end up there, considering everything they can offer.

  2. I am from the STL and I don’t drink BMC, period. You really have to look at the way they, and others, destroyed the regional and local brewerys after prohibition. I mean destroyed them and to think that folks are still buying Goose Island and Terrapin is beyond me. They are like Quislings in the beer wars and BMC are like Germany. Independent? Yeah right.

    1. I’m from Chicagoland, but I visited St. Louis in the fall to visit some of the new craft breweries. Really cool stuff going on there now.

      Anyway, I recommended a few of the barbecue places to my parents later, and a few weeks ago, they passed through St. Louis on their way to see my brother at college. They stopped at Bogart’s to get bbq and went over to the neighboring ITAP in Soulard.

      They were very amused, while sitting in that place, when somebody came in and asked the bartender, “Hey, can I just get a Bud Light?”

      The bartender said “Sorry, but no.”

      What makes it all the better is that this is what, two miles from the Anheuser brewery? Hah!

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