I get to interview Tony, from Lagunitas. It is awesome. If you like craft beer, listen to it as soon as possible. If not, please move along. That is all.




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  1. Great podcast…Tony seems like a great guy….look forward to having those guys in Chicago!

  2. Can’t wait to listen to this after work today.

  3. […] (Petaluma, CA) – Lagunitas Brewing Founder and Owner, Tony Magee, joined Aleheads this week for an audio interview that ran over 40 minutes. As BeerPulse readers know by now, Magee pulls no punches. Magee has been critical of brewers’ support for excise tax reduction amidst rampant growth of the craft beer industry [it's stayed in the back channels so nothing to link to…sorry!]. Magee also called out the practice of using cans recently. This interview is ‘textbook’ Tony. […]

  4. Kid Carboy Jr. · · Reply

    I laughed out loud at “We’re going to cram it in next to the Schlitz malt Liquor and all the ‘Hood beers.’”

  5. “We have a very strict drug testing policy at the brewery, you know. You have to test drugs once. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to have anymore. But you have to try it.”

  6. Kid Carboy Jr. · · Reply

    It was interesting to hear him call Goose Island’s 312 as “three-twelve.” I’ve never heard somebody here pronounce it any other way than “three-one-two.” I hadn’t even considered that another possibility existed.

  7. Awesome interview. First time listener, will be following on Stitcher.

  8. Sorry bout the three-twelve thing… But as a kid I used to say my Rolling Meadows ph number as three-twelve-thirty-five, eighty-four, eighty-nine, seven… just for fun…old habit…

    Thanks for this kind words aleheads! Slouch is a good interviewer…

    1. Please, Tony…we know that’s not true. Slouch is the most “special” of the Aleheads…in that he wears a helmet in the shower and we don’t let him use forks. It was very kind of you to talk to him and make him feel like a productive member of society.

      Also, feel free to call 312 whatever you want. I might start calling it “Three-Hundy and Twelve” or “Triple-Dozen” or “a beer I don’t particularly enjoy and will likely not purchase in the future”.

      1. Yes, Slouch is our Walter Cronkite.
        If Walter Cronkite were bad at his job and had a drinking problem.

  9. Tremendous interview. Thanks for coming onto the podcast, Tony.

  10. […] knowing Tony Magee’s mind (perhaps he’d like to do another interview with our esteemed Slouch Sixpack to discuss matters?), this is all just speculation. But we’re a poorly written, poorly […]

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