Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout - Wynkoop Brewing Company

A bold take on a classic style. Colorado’s granddaddy brewpub releases an experimental beer that keeps up with the Crooked Staves and the TRiNiTYs of the world. Funny concept, hatched over brews, is taken to its absurd, fermented conclusion. Good feedback at GABF 2012. Hype. Visual professionals get involved. Staging, composition. Industrial, artisanal, agrarian.  Slick Videos. Beer can and snifter side-by-side elevate and transcend the other; testicle grounds the image, a visceral reminder of the grass-to-glass process.

Craft beer in 2013 is fun. And funny. Just in case, a press release makes certain you get the joke. Balls-per-barrel.

It’s a lovely bit of beer porn. Great lighting. Nice can. Would drink.

When we started Aleheads, this is the photo we would joke about as the future of craft beer. And now, here we are. Makes you wonder what comes next.

To venture a guess, the barrel-aged Imperial version coming at you in 2014. Or a second-runnings small beer with veal? Who knows. See you on the other side, friends.




  1. Oh Lord….

    So much for gently backing into that Monday morning. I guess I’ll still back in – I’ll just do it hunched over as well.


    1. The week is certainly starting off bullish…

  2. I never thought I a brewer would have to ask him/herself the question – Does this brew need more or less testicle? Yet, here we are.

    1. More testicles means more iron!

  3. Had this brew at GABF. Tasted like a humid locker room.

    I kid. It was actually pretty good.

  4. TheKewlGang · · Reply

    Reblogged this on THE BETTER MAN Inc. and commented:
    Porque una foto vale más que… bueno, ya lo saben

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